For the past five years, iSeatz has participated in a recreational kickball league. This year we will work to repeat our 2017 championship.

2018 Playnola Summer Champions

2018 Record: 6-2

Below are updates from our games.

Game 1: “iKickballz” vs “Alcobollics Anonymous”

Our first game of the season began on a hot and humid evening. Digital Experience Designer Scott Ray’s pitching was almost un-kickable, allowing iKickballz to go up 4-0. In a late game rally, Alcobollics Anonymous scored three runs. iKickballz was able to stop the rally and won the game 4-3.


Game 2: “iKickballz” vs “Kicking & Screaming”

— Kicking & Screaming forfeited —


Game 3: “iKickballz” vs “Ratchet Pitches”

iSeatz came out in force for game three. More than 20 iSeatz employees came to watch or play and the BBQ grill master Marcus Douglas, Software Engineer Team Lead, was set up to keep the crowd fully fueled. Business Analyst Andrea Peterson kept the tunes going with a new Spotify playlist: iKickballz vol. 2

iKickballz solidly beat Ratchet Pitches 9-3. Chief Operating Officer Michael Bauer’s strategy of aggressive base running along with Product Manager Patrick Desmond and Summer Intern David Terral’s strong defensive work at 3rd and 1st lead to team to victory.


Game 4: “iKickballz” vs “East Beasts”

After a flat start, East Beasts scored seven runs in the first inning. iSeatz quickly regrouped. Business Analyst Andrea Peterson, playing second base, and Business Intelligence Analyst Yatin Sharma, who played short stop for the first time, had great defensive teamwork. Accountant Caitlin Carrere, Project Manager Scott Anderson and Trevor King all came up with big catches in the outfield.

Offensively, Director of Project Management Cheralyn King got on base by kicking a ball right down the third base line and VP of Product & Product Marketing Sean Duclaux opened with a double to score a run for the first at bat. Digital Experience Designer Scott Ray and Project Manager Patrick Desmond also ran aggressively. 

iKickballz rallied but did not have enough time to recover. East Beasts won 14-8, breaking iKickballz’s 13- game winning streak.


Game 5: “iKickballz” vs “2 Claps and a Kick Flair”

After their loss to “East Beasts” in game four, iSeatz came ready to play. Project Manager Scott Anderson started the team off by scoring a run as the first at bat. The team rallied and kicked hard. Later in the first inning, Marketing Manager Rebecca Jostes was able to send two runners home, making the score 7-0. The big kicks and aggressive running strategy continued throughout the game. DevOps Engineer Vamshi Reddy Challa kicked a sacrifice fly to bring in another run.

Defensively, iKickballz was able to contain 2 Claps and a Kick Flair by smart infield teamwork by Project Manager Joe Franzese, Business Analysts Andrea Peterson and Darshan Sarda; along with big catches from Accountant Caitlin Carrere, Project Manager Scott Anderson and Trevor King in the outfield.

Digital Experience Designer Scott Ray and Ari James’ pitching was un-kickable, ensuring an iKickballz win, 12-4.


Game 6: “iKickballz” vs “2 Claps and a Kick Flair” (rematch)

iSeatz came out to play a friendly game of kickball and celebrate Director of Project Management Cheralyn King’s birthday. The team was able to bring in some new players to the lineup including Director of Cloud Operations Idan Warshawski, Accountant Lisa Wright, and Digital Experience Manager Julie Mattimoe, giving iSeatz the most depth of any team in the league.

Wind blowing in from the outfield stunted many power kickers on both teams. Chief Operating Officer Michael Bauer was able to score a run early in the game. Digital Experience Manager Julie Mattimoe survived a run down when she was caught between first and second base.

iKickballz was able to keep the game close, but didn’t have enough time to pull out the W, loosing 3-8.


Playoff Week 1: “iKickballz” vs “Alcoballics Anonymous”

Alcoballics Anonymous won the first round game against Ratchet Pitches. Both Alcoballics Anonymous and iKickballz were excited for the rematch. iSeatz cheering section was out in full force.

Both teams ran aggressively. At the top of the batting order, Project Manager Scott Anderson was able to start the third inning with a single home run. This was quickly followed with Digital Experience Designer Scott Ray kicking another home run and bringing in Product Manager Patrick Desmond, while narrowly missing getting tagged out himself at home base. 

Defensively, Trevor King and Software Test Engineer Ian Thibadeaux both ended innings by throwing runners out. Both strong infield and outfield play lead to a low amount of errors, enabling iKickballz to take the W, 5-3.

Championship: “iKickballz” vs “2 Claps and a Kick Flair”

After being rescheduled, “2 Claps and a Kick Flair” was not able to field a team for the championship and forfeited.  iKickballz becomes the 2018 Playnola Summer kickball champions.



Season photos by Software Test Engineer Ian Thibadeaux